Discover Nanjing

Nanjing is an ancient yet modern city with a name that literally means “southern capital”. A center of politics, commerce, research and tourism, the city has a rich cultural heritage. A vibrant metropolis with world class sports and cultural venues. In 2014, Nanjing hosted the worlds youth for the Summer Youth Olympic Games and, in the last week of July 2018, the world of badminton will descend on the city for BWF’s showcase event – the TOTAL BWF Badminton World Championships 2018.

Nanjing is the capital of China’s eastern Jiangsu province and is located 300 km up the Yangtze River from Shanghai with a population of more than seven million inhabitants.

The city was the national capital during part of the Ming dynasty (capital from 1368-1421) and modern Nanjing has many monuments and landmarks from that era, including Zhonghua Gate (Gate of China), a preserved 14th-century section of the massive wall that contained the old city’s southern entrance.

The city boasts endless opportunities to sample local food from street stalls to high end restaurants. Local classics include small steamed buns stuffed with juicy pork, sesame pancakes and duck blood soup with fried tofu and vermicelli. Nanjing is said to be the hometown of the celebrated Peking Duck and it is said that the Ming Dynasty brought the dish northward while moving the capital from here to Beijing in 1421.

Join us for the TOTAL BWF Badminton World Championships in 2018 and sample the city’s delights.

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